Choose A Life Goal

Placeholder ImageHow do you choose a Life Goal?

Even if your specific goal is far away from your current socioeconomic level, that’s ok, it’s better to aim high in life than to set the bar to low. You will only be a benefit to others around you if you set high standards for yourself.

What do you want in life?

Choosing a life goal is like choosing a group to belong to in secondary school. You have to find the group that fits you. In school, there are many different groups of kids, some like music and are in some type of band. Some kids like sports and join sports teams in their schools. Some kids like cars and join shop class and other kids like politics and are in student government. Early in life is when we start to decide which group we want to become apart of. We choose a group that has similar interest to our own.

Where do these interest come from?

Most kids interest come from being at home. Kids take interest in whatever their parents take interest in. Parents fill their kids with their own interest. If the parents are into sports they may take their kids to big sporting events. They will watch sports on TV and talk about sports in the home. Parents that are deeply political will talk about politics around their kids. They will read and watch political news in the home. In this way, knowingly or unknowingly, each parent programs their child at an early age.  These programed interest help guide the child’s early decisions in life. Children will use these interest to pick many things including a which classes to take and which friends to hang around with and possibly which career path to take. (Now this is not to saying that everyone falls into this category, but for the major of people the is reality.)  Those early decisions will carry over into future real world decisions. Using your interest to help you determine what you want in life. Whats your specific goal in life? Only you know what you like and what you are good at.

Its YOU. You have to take personal responsibility for your life. Its your job to push your self, to create a dream for yourself, to have a Life Goal for yourself, something that gives you joy and purpose.

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